Doria’s Background and History

photo by Carlton SooHoo

A Cambridge native and professional Storyteller, Doria Hughes creates individualized programs of folktales from around the world, for dynamic performance in classrooms, book stores, festivals, libraries, museums, childcare centers, water treatment facilities and private parties. Doria's style of performance is "dynamic": she produces numerous silly sound effects and uses her whole body to tell stories - and she encourages audience participation!

Doria particularly enjoys performing trickster tales and spooky tales from many different cultures. Her stories come from Nigeria, Japan, Ireland, Native America, Korea, Ghana, Scandinavia, Italy, the Jewish Diaspora, the United States and many other marvelous places.

Doria does residency programs with children ages 4 to 12, where she works with students for anywhere from one week to an entire semester, easily fitting in with curricular requirements. Using carefully selected developmentally-appropriate activities, Doria introduces children to storytelling games and activities through which they develop and perform their own collaborative Storytelling performances.

  • In-House Storyteller at Porter Square Books (2004-present)
  • ReadBoston Storymobile Storyteller (2008-present)
  • Young Audiences of Massachusetts Teaching Artist (2010-2015)
  • 2010 Brother Blue and Ruth Hill Award Recipient
  • Co-Founder of grassroots Storytelling organization "massmouth"